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Floral vase, appliquéd, 1857, Kentucky Owner, Sandy Schweitzer

Floral vase, appliquéd, 1857, Kentucky
Owner, Sandy Schweitzer

The Professional Association of Appraisers – Quilted Textiles (PAAQT) is an international organization established in 1992 to promote and guide professional certified quilt appraisers. All members are dedicated to providing professional and ethical expertise on quilts and quilted textiles.

PAAQT members:

  • Appraise antique, vintage, newly made (traditional and contemporary) and art quilts and quilted garments for owners, makers, exhibitors privately or at venues such as quilt shows.
  • Are guided by the federal regulations of “Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice” (USPAP).
  • Abide by a Code of Ethical Practices.
  • Are tested and certified by national or international organizations.
  • Have knowledge of quilt history, fabrics, quilt dating, construction techniques, pattern recognition and regional influences.
  • Stay up to date on the current values and market trends of all types of quilts.
  • Attend continuing educational opportunities that focus on recent developments in historical facts, the market place of comparable sales, new construction costs and recent changes in governmental regulations. These events are sponsored by PAAQT as well as other organizations.
  • Provide services for individuals, collectors, museums, historical societies and other organizations. These services include giving lectures on the history of quilts, fabrics, construction techniques, regional differences, care, description of the appraisal business, etc.  Appraisal days and documentation days may also be scheduled.

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PAAQT Quilt Appraisers Can Help You Care For Your Treasures

On the Day God Created Stars 2003, by Carlene Buck

On the Day God Created Stars
2003, by Carlene Buck

Because of their extensive training in quilted textiles, you can be confident of their recommendations.

Contact PAAQT Quilt Appraisers for:

  • Appraisals of quilted textiles for individuals, exhibitions, and quilt shows.
  • Use, care, display and storage information for new and old textiles.
  • Dating your quilt. Quilt appraisers have knowledge of the history of textiles, style trends, and geographic differences in styles of quilts.
  • Repairs to a quilt which require expert knowledge of methods of repair, conservation and restoration.  Appraisers have the resources to direct you to the correct professionals for this.
  • Construction possibilities of old tops and blocks. PAAQT appraisers have the knowledge of fabric and construction to be able to help you determine the best answer to your questions.

PAAQT Membership Accepts Certification From These Organizations

Appraisers Association of America (AAA),
Appraisers Association of America

American Quilter’s Society (AQS),
American Quilter's Society

American Society of Appraisers (ASA),
American Society of Appraisers

The College for Appraisers (CFA),
College for Appraisers

The International Society of Appraisers (ISA),
International Society of Appraisers

Our membership application mentions American Quilter’s Society, an Accredited (AM from ASA or ISA) or Certified (CFA; Senior Member from ASA or CAPP from ISA) or a certificate of membership from AAA. Proof of membership and certification must be supplied when first applying.

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2 weeks ago

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Quilt-like art from tragedy. Intriguing art.Trained as a sculptor, Laura Petrovich-Cheney collects debris in the aftermath of tragedy. Wood from disasters like Hurricane Sandy in New York, and the fires in Gatlinburg, Tennessee is salvaged and re-purposed into luminous, quilt-like constructions that belie the opacity and crudeness of their material. Petrovich-Cheney’s work is in numerous public and private collections, and she was recently awarded a 2017 Fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.

"Memory & Material: Wood Quilts by Laura Petrovich-Cheney" is on display in the Pumphrey Family Gallery through Dec. 15.

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This is the second annual Challenge sponsored by the PAAQT benefitting the National Quilt Museum. Last year the PAAQT Challenge was by invitation only but this year we are opening it up to any and all who may desire to participate! This year’s theme is “Joy in the Morning”. Open to your interpretation. No particular method or technique will be specified.
This Challenge is unique as your quilt (if chosen) will debut at 2019 spring Paducah and will travel to AQS shows throughout 2019 and will consequently be auctioned at the spring 2020 Paducah Quiltweek during the National Quilt Museum’s live and online auction. You will receive a great deal of exposure in having your quilt exhibited at all AQS shows for that calendar year.

Won’t you join us in supporting the National Quilt Museum and its mission? The rules will follow below as well as how to enter!

Further questions and for application forms direct correspondence to:

Donna L. Kooistra
Subject line: PAAQT Challenge 2019

Rules of the Challenge

Entries must be 36” x 36”: this measurement is per side. Three dimensional quilts are too difficult to ship to many venues.
Entries must reflect the theme of “Joy in the Morning”.
Digital quilt photos must be submitted by January 10, 2019 to: Donna L. Kooistra, email to: There must be two photos: one full photo of the completed quilt including borders, and one close up detail photo of an area within the quilt.
Entries will be juried in January and participants will be selected and notified by February 1, 2019
Entrants will sign an agreement indicating understanding that the quilts will be auctioned to support the National Quilt Museum, and as such, will not be returned to the maker.
Further dates and shipping instructions will be sent for those quilts juried into the Challenge.

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